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About Alastair Greener

Alastair brings 25 years of experience presenting, hosting, interviewing and speaking to a series of bespoke training courses to help people become more confident speakers whether ita��s on stage, TV or in an interview.

He has presented on stage to audiences up to 3,000 in venues around the world and spent 16 years heading the entertainment department on cruise liners, including QE2 and Queen Mary 2. He represented the cruise industry as a spokesperson on media road shows and press conferences talking on TV and radio.

As a TV presenter, he has worked extensively in the UK and USA, and is the face and voice of numerous corporate and training videos. Over his career Alastair has interviewed over 500 people from the world of business, politics and entertainment. He is also in demand as an after-dinner speaker, host and MC for events ranging from charity auctions to awards ceremonies.

Having attended numerous courses at institutions including the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA) and Cornell University, he has developed exceptional training skills.

Recognized as a professional member of the Professional Speaking Association (PSA), and full member of the actora��s union Equity, he shares his performing and corporate experience with individuals and groups around the world.

Course Overview

Wea��re all different and have individual needs, so every Present Yourself course is designed for each clienta��s needs. Normally courses are a half or full day and can be delivered on a One to One basis, small or large group, or even as a keynote to a conference. Small groups involve more practical sessions and TV / video can used to record and review training.

Present Yourself has teamed up with some specialized partners to offer an even more bespoke experience. We have exclusive access to professional TV and radio studios with playback facilities so you can see your progress throughout the course. We can also help with producing a professionally edited video for marketing purposes.

If you have a specific event, presentation or interview and youa��d like help to prepare for it, or youa��d just like to improve your communication skills, then give us a call and wea��ll design a course thata��s right for you and your budget. For more information, get in touch.

There are always three speeches, for every one you actually gave. The one you practiced, the one you gave, and the one you wish you gave.

a�� Dale Carnegie

Confident Communications

Becoming a more confident speaker

How do you feel if called youa��re asked to speak in public?

Scared? Dry throat? Racing heartbeat? Profuse sweating? Maybe even dizzy, short of breatha�� or thrown into a full-scale panic attack?

If so, youa��re not alone. In fact glossophobia (the fear of speaking in public) is still the biggest fear in Britain today. The good news is that this can be overcome, and the skill of speaking at events, conferences and meetings is one that can be learned.

Present Yourself courses are tailored to your needs, whether you are a beginner or someone whoa��d like to improve your stage presence and become a more effective communicator. Over the last 6 years Alastair has trained over 3,000 students from 9 to 70 years old.

On our interactive and fun courses, youa��ll learn:

  • How to reprogram the natural fear you feel when asked to speak in public
  • How to look and sound confident even if you dona��t feel it;
    How to speak from a position of genuine, easy confidence and poise, using simple and immensely powerful techniques
  • How to structure a presentation to make it engaging and effective

Let us know what youa��re needs are, whether you are an individual, group or company. For more information,A�get in touch.

Powerful Presentations

Expert presentation skills training that transforms your presentations and your business

Wea��ve all sat through presentations and can recognize the difference between ones that engage their audience and those that dona��t. So how can you avoid delivering a presentation which suffers from Death by PowerPoint, and make it interesting, engaging and memorable.

On this course, youa��ll learn:

  • Stagecraft that will enhance your presentation and help get your message across.
  • How to structure a presentation that is memorable
  • How to make PowerPoint work for you rather than becoming an unwelcome distraction
  • Professional techniques that will engage your audience

Whether you have a specific presentation youa��d like help with, or youa��d like to develop skills that will ensure all your future presentations are delivered in an engaging, memorable and powerful manner.A�For more information,A�get in touch.

Meet the Media

Delivering your message

Many of us are asked for an interview by the press. If you arena��t prepared to meet journalist from the newspapers, radio or TV then this can be a very daunting prospect.

Alastair has interviewed over 500 people in person, on TV and Radio, and has been interviewed himself on numerous occasions, so he brings this experience to these bespoke courses.

On the Present Yourself course, youa��ll learn how to prepare, how to get your message across and be memorable a��. for the right reasons! There are two main types of interview you may be asked to give:

  • Reactive Interview a�� This is where you are responding to specific event or incident. This may be a more combative interview and preparation is particularly important so that you answer the questions but also get your message across in the way you want to.
  • Proactive Interview a�� This is where you are promoting yourself, your company or an event. This is a great opportunity to talk about your specialized area of knowledge, but you need to make sure the audience hear your key message.

Youa��ll also learn:

  • How to get your message across in a short or long interview
  • How to get on with the interviewer.
  • What to wear and how to present yourself with the appropriate body language at the interview.
  • The ABCa��s of tricky interviews a�� Acknowledge, Bridge and Communicate.

On this course, youa��ll learn how to deal with the differences between print, TV and Radio interviews and how to come across effectively in each.

This course is invaluable for anyone who may have to give an interview.A�For more information,A�get in touch.

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