Business IS Personal


As an interviewer Alastair has learned how major organisations have developed algorithms to make our retail experience more personalised, and this is changing the way we interact with favourite brands. How can we personalise our organisations, so we can develop stronger relationships and grow our businesses? In this keynote talk Alastair gives his audience some valuable takeaways on how this is possible. 

Pay More Than Lip-service To Communication 

As a communications expert Alastair looks at how often we’re talking and emailing, but how often our time can be wasted because the way we communicate isn’t actually effective. In a world where there’s so much noise, it can be a challenge to get your message across, so in this keynote Alastair looks at ways of making sure you’re heard. With a series of practical tools and tips you’ll learn how to make sure your communication works in the way you intend it to. 

'Alastair was compelling to listen to, and provided practical ideas we could all do something with...' 

Watertight Marketing.

'Alastair is a very rounded, informative speaker with just the right balance between humour and interesting facts.'.

Cancer Research UK.

'Alastair's stories educate, inspire and entertain. A real professional giving your delegates a pair of safe hands in any event. Book him !' 


Stretch Developments.

Bespoke Communication Training

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