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Virtual meetings are here to stay so virtual meetings and presentations are also here to stay.  


We can’t just take our face-to-face presentations online and expect the same results. The environment is very different, so we have to present differently. We have to make sure that we are engaging our audiences and that our messages are remembered and acted upon. 


As we look into our webcams, it feels like we are all having to become TV presenters, which is a skill that takes time to craft. Fortunately, with over 25 years of experience presenting on television, Alastair is very aware of what it takes to engage with an audience on the other side of a camera. 

As a certified virtual presenter he will share his experience to help you and your teams become more confident and effective online presenters. 

Creating Rapport on Camera  Webinars & Workshops

We will create a webinar designed around your specific needs and will cover every aspect of virtual meetings and presentations you need including:

  • Participating in and running an effective online meeting

  • How to engage an online audience, using tools including polls, whiteboards, and breakout rooms

  • Creating effective online vocal and body language skills

  • Developing and delivering powerful and engaging slideshows

  • Tips on the technical requirements needed to deliver a presentation that can be clearly seen and heard without distractions

  • How to use platforms such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams in the most engaging way


Professional Video Training really does work, so we've teamed up with an award-winning TV production company to ensure that whichever package you choose, you'll have access to the very highest quality videos which will ensure your teams are able to learn the skills they need.

You can either have a bespoke video series or you can tap into our library of pre-recorded videos. 


Bespoke videos allow you to choose specific content and design a video length to suit your company needs. We'll work with you to write, script and film each video, and because we'll be creating a series especially for you, each video can be branded to match your organisations existing style and content. 


Our Pre-recorded series of training videos cover a wide range of communication skills subjects, from running effective online meetings to engaging face to face audiences. You pick how many videos you want to make available to your teams through our exclusive portal.

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