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The Future Of Presenting

Will your next event be in person, online or hybrid?

The last 20 months have seen a massive shift in the way we communicate, as we all started using online platforms. But now as we emerge from restrictions and start going back to our offices how will we communicate in the future because nothing stays the same.

Event industry experts are saying that although many meetings, events, and presentations will return to being in person, many will stay online and many more will become hybrid. Hybrid is when either you are online and broadcasting into an event, or when you are watching a live event online. There are many advantages of such events because not only can they include a wider audience they can also save on long distance travel, with the cost and environmental impact that has.

However, to engage your audiences effectively, it’s essential that when you organise your next hybrid event, meeting or presentation it’s really important to get the tech right. The best way to do this is to involve an experienced provider, who can ensure that the virtual and live audiences get the same value with seamless delivery. Fortunately, there are more and more companies who specialise in hybrid events, so that you get the maximum return on your investment.

Meanwhile if you are asked to present at a hybrid event, you should allow more time for rehearsals and bear in mind that things might not go according to plan, so have a backup. Also, when it comes to presenting virtually or to a hybrid audience, it’s very clear that when it comes to the future of events the need for stronger presentation skills has never been so important, to get your message across and hold your audience’s attention.


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